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We spend more than half of our day in office so, if we refer it as a second home, it won’t be a wrong said statement. Home is where the heart is but the office can be built only by the comfortable chairs and tables. When you think about the office, the first thing that comes into your mind is the office table and chairs. However, as the world is moving faster in the trends, the life in our offices is constantly on rotation. Hubs, cooperation, cafes or anything that hold on the meeting between a group of people requires an executive table, artists table and a lot more.

Looking for office tables but confused about the designs? Below is the little overview on the designs of the tables that can help in a selection of office table in Pakistan.


Glass office Table Design

Top 10 Classy Office Table Designs for Your Office

There are plenty of designs that can look great with the outlook of your office. If we will try to put it up in the numbers, it will be unfair with the beautiful designs. Each design has its own quality. Let’s have a keen look at the gorgeous and amazing office tables.

1) The Covet Table

This is the desk that has a modern office table look and makes a comfortable seating. The discrete drawer allows you to keep your folders and files on the first-hand approach. Apart from that, it is a new modern design that also keeps you to have an updated version of life. It is especially a great choice for artists. They love new and classy trends in everything.

2) Old-style Wooden Office Table

Some of us still have that old-school mentality and don’t like modern styles so, for them, there is a wooden table. It can be a computer table and you can also choose the design of your own choice. The best one will contain cabinets on both sides. It can your files and folders safely.


3) Glass office Table Design

Glass office table may require more on the maintenance part and daily cleaning with care but it also gives a mind-blowing look to your office. Especially, if it is an office acquired by the executive, it should give that look and feel to the associates coming over. It can be a great way to impress your clients because if you are good at maintaining your office, you can definitely offer something precious.

4) Office Computer table

Cheap office table is also available for the beginners. We know it’s hard to manage a budget in the beginning and you just need to set up things. This simple computer table can also do the wonders, let your employees enjoy the ease of seating. The separate case for the keyboard and the cabinet on the side complete all the requirements of an office computer table.

5) Modern Reception Table

Let this table, welcome people, warm office. This is not only where a receptionist enjoys being seated but it also gives a great impression to your visitors. These tables come in light but shiny colours and the design is always unique.



6) L-shaped Office Table

This table works best for the media companies. People work together in a team and always need to interact so, they can share this rustic look table. That is not only classic but you can keep all of the mess at one side and also organize it by decorating it with flowers.

7) Round Office Table

This is the table is mostly used in the hubs. Shred working space has a limited space but as the gig economy is the new trend, people like to have their own separate space. This helps them organize their work in their own comfortable space.

8) Office Meeting Table

Conference room table is as essential as any other. This has to be different and long enough to accommodate a maximum number of the staff. Well, it all depends on the number of people work in your office. Office furniture table price is low in Pakistan so, you can always look up for the variety.

9) Home Office Table

Are you solopreneur and work from home? This simple and small office table is for you. A table is a place to get your work together. No matter, if your mind is stuck or messed up but you can still keep up your table organize and manage your work preferences easily.

10) The Studio Desk

If you’re cleanliness freak, this is the best table for you to choose. This place doesn’t allow the mess, it organizes the wires and let you utilize the minimum space for the maximum stuff.

However, Pakistan has a qualitative variety of office table furniture. The way industries are expanding, and co-operate culture is getting into the trend, more office tables are required. Office table price is quite affordable. People can select the modern, traditional or classical designs of office table from the variety of office table online. We know, it’s not that easy to choose it online but once the trust is built, you know that low quality is not the trend.

There is a variety of good Office furniture in Pakistan. Companies are working really well and the industry has grown to the heights in the past few years. As the competition expands, it makes hard for customers to choose. To your ease, we at Offix furniture offers a complete guidance and quality products. Now, if you’re an emerging entrepreneur and looking for cool office furniture, you know where to look for it.

Offix furniture has a wide range of tables and the main purpose is to serve the best quality and maintain the classy furniture trend. Office table price is set according to the customer ease and requirement. Therefore, you have a great variety of quality furniture and you can select it by choosing the most suitable design for you. However, there is always a room for new designs, if you want any specific design, feel free to contact our proficient team.