Hold the true business spirit of practicality, Technology and customer oriented ideas with our continues development process , new ideas and strict quality control in our system. We will create a perfect office premises, highly effective and Productive office environment for your business. We have highly mechanized production facility with latest machinery to strengthen our capability to handle projects efficiently. We are specialized if office furniture including Desks, Tables, Chairs, Seating, Workstation, Storage and institutional furniture. We have a experience of manufacturing Quality furniture since 1997

  Our office furniture range is known for the following features

1- Modern Design

2- Attractive Look

3- Durable materials

4- Easy handling

5- High comfort level

6- Accurate dimensions

OFFIX has been furnished many institutions, corporations and office in Pakistan.

OFFIX has been Strengthen today due to professionally equipped Manufacturing  facility, able staff and dedicated customer service, which have a varied expansion in industry of serving the customer  to their satisfaction


Our Philosophy

More  than just a company motto and slogan, our philosophy service as checklist for ever desk , cubic , table filing cabinet and chair we design and manufacture  to make sure that our full line of smartly-design furniture is durable , flexible and comfortable for every customer

Our environmental Story

For over 16 Years, we’ve been committed to reducing our carbon footprint by practicing smart production methods such as using less packing material, minimizing fabric wastes, as well as utilizing kenaf fiber and recycled wood from other furniture.

Durability Is our strength

Whether its a class room desk, office workstation or storage solution, OFFIX puts a tone of pride into making furniture that can endure the wear and tear you dish out. Plus, we market our furniture with pride because we don’t skimp on comfortable and flexibility.

In Sync with Your Work

The landscape of today’s office and classroom and classroom continue to change with furniture teacher station and student desk that anticipate and adapt to the next waves of high–tech Products like the phone

Strategic Intent

We commit ourselves to our clients efficiently, explore new business opportunities, and we subscribe to a FIRST TIME RIGHT philosophy in all or business activities.


Our purpose is to achieve adequate returns. On funds employed in order to serve all our stakeholders to the best of our ability

Mission Statement

We are committed to provide better standard and give value for money. We strive to offer high quality products and mainly focus on durability, Continuous improvement in technology and designs. We have a high concern in developing skills and knowledge in woodworking to our industry employees.

Our Values

As a product of both of our history and our philosophy as a company, OFFIX has consistently maintained  the following values is striving to achieve its  business objectives :

1- We supply good quality office furniture on time at a right price.

2- We subscribe to honest and fair business practices, which puts the customer first In our company.

3- We believe in the development of our employees to the best of our abilities

4- We subscribe to a FIRST TIME RIGHT philosophy in all our business activities and we encourage a participative management style.

Types of Products

Contemporary tables, Reception Desks, Traditional Executives Tables, Coffee tables, Conference table, Institutional, LED Units, Storage cabinets, Sofas office or home, work stations, Chairs, Executive managers officers,